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Nicki Korman, a true southern girl, is now proud to call Amelia Island home. Her career in the hospitality and event industry began in college at The Ritz-Carlton. There she learned an unparalleled level of service and true professionalism while serving guests for 6 summers in college.

After graduating college, she transitioned her career to Bold Events in Atlanta. Bold is a full-service catering and design company, where she spent 4 years working with brides to customize fun and memorable wedding menus. At Bold, she not only gained food and beverage expertise, but also partnered closely with designers and other creative partners to produce innovative and cohesive events. Marriage brought Nicki, and her husband, Jon, back to Amelia Island, where they met through working together at The Ritz.

Combining more than a decade of event experience and a passion for serving others, she is able to manage all of the details so that you can enjoy your engagement season. She has planned events from East Hampton to South Florida to San Diego and lots of gorgeous places in between. Her love for visiting new places and bringing a fresh perspective to each event truly sets her apart. 


Jon and I have been married for 4 years and have a sweet son, Joey. He is the absolute light of my life! We love looking for sharks teeth on the beach, cooking together, and patio hopping on our little island. 

Nothing beats spending time with our family and hanging out with my sisters. They cheer me on, hold me accountable and make fun of me constantly. My family and friends have shaped every part of me and I love them for it! It is my pleasure to plan a wedding that is as unique as your story and infused with all the things that make you, you. We believe that the planning should be as fun and seamless as the wedding itself.


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Andrea Wilson is an Atlanta transplant living the island life with her husband and two precious kids. Her journey in the hospitality industry started in a sports bar 14 years ago and she has been a firm believer in service with a smile ever since. 

She views each event as an opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Whether the setting for that experience is an intimate dinner or intricate wedding weekend chocked full of details, it should be memorable and meticulously planned. Her professional career began at The Georgian Club. 

There, she honed her skills in professionalism, service expectations, ability to handle multiple events simultaneously and problem solving under pressure. During her tenure at The Club she had the opportunity to plan a range of events; from wine dinners and member galas to weddings and rehearsal dinners. 

As the Assistant General Manager, she learned the intricate details of managing both front and back of the house operations, including budgeting, ordering, inventory and overall venue management. Andrea also brings a wealth of travel knowledge to table through her work at a travel agency. 


My family makes my world go around. I live for smiles in the morning and goodnight kisses. Anything that has ties to my Spanish heritage make my heart beat skip a beat; flamenco dancing, reggaeton, acoustic Spanish guitar. 

I love a buttery chardonnay and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. I'm a sucker for a great prison or crime documentary (thanks Mom). I love people! Every person has a story and nine times out of ten, they want to share it. I want to hear it!   


Best Wishes,